PREFABRI AFRICA is a company dedicated to design, manufacture and installation of industrialized modular buildings for many uses. The company is composed of a professional team, originally from different countries of Africa and Europe, with a huge experience in this sector.

Our mission is to contribute to sustainable development of Africa, offering innovative solutions for every kind of construction project. Our constructive systems are founded on quality, sustainability and energy efficiency, thanks to new materials uses or isolation.

The industrialized modular construction provides a lot of advantages to our clients, giving the fact we are able to install our products in all Africa within a short space of time and with a reasonable cost.

Associated Companies

EUROPA PREFABRI – Spanish company specialized in design, fabrication and assembly of modular constructions and metallic structures.

PREFABRI STEEL – Industrialized construction projects of : accommodation, hospitals, schools, industrial installations, hotels and shopping centers.

ACDEPM – Project management services for every kind of construction project.


United Nations Global Compact – The 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact are including in our professional activity in every country of the world where we are present.

AECIS – Spanish association of Industrialized and Sustainable Construction.

World Green Building Council – International Council for sustainable construction development.

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